Friday, November 16, 2012

The Day the Ambassador came to Tenengfara

In late September, the American Ambassador to The Gambia, his wife, and staff arrived at Tenengfara to sit down with the village to discuss a Emergency Relief Grant that they were given in the beginning of May to purchase, rice and coos for food aid and groundnut for seed. The rice and coos were very needed at that time and although it was difficult to walk into village with a lot of US aid money already in hand, because this then sets the thought that I am here to give money, which isn't exactly part of the PC position, the whole village including myself benefited. The groundnut seed was excellent, and the rains successful, so the groundnut crops are doing well for this year. I wasn't able to be in village during the Ambassador's visit but a fellow volunteer (sitemate! shout out) came to help out. Here are some of her photos...

The greetings and a flag that the village made to welcome the Embassy. 

Traditions of Africa

When I got back home, all anyone could talk about was the Ambassador's visit. They were so excited to have the honor to meet him and put on quite the show. They made him a great benechin lunch and traditional Gambian shirts. There was even the appearance of a conquron, a dancing man dressed as a spirit. The Ambassador also told everyone how important it is to educate the children. I arrived home and thought how quite the village seemed; it was because it was quite, all the kids were in school. The enrollment of children in school has sky rocketed and its great to see the kids all occupied during the day.

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